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Most logistic companies count on you telling them what you need, At GOLDEN GATE CARGO LTD our Clients just tell us the results they need and with Our Integrated Air Cargo Solutions And Industry-Leading Expertise, We Intuitively know the best way to get it done.

At GOLDEN GATE CARGO LTD We care passionately about our clients and we are truly committed to the market we serve as well that is why we incorporate our customers feedback to better the services we provide. We believe no matter how good the last feedback as we start over with our next client. We truly believe that customer care is an attitude, not just a department To better your customer experience and satisfaction we have a professional and dedicated team at your services 24/7.


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Real logistics pros know that every load has a story. It is usually defined by countless challenges avoided or overcome along the way. Most of our customers never hear about the difficulties that can impact shipments at each of a thousand steps on the journey. They don’t need to: we’re an authentic solutions provider. They trust us to take care of it and golden gate cargo delivers every time all the time.

First-time visitors to a foreign country for shipping needs or understanding suppliers who speak only local languages can be very difficult. AT GOLDEN GATE CARGO LTD  we care passionately about satisfying our client's needs that why we have posted specialised local Kenyans in all our abroad offices who have not only mastered the local languages but know all the market offers. They will give you specialised market guides,  advice on what is real or what is not, help with the hard part of price negotiation and take you directly to factories thus cutting out middlemen and suppliers, whether it Arabic, Mandarin, Turkish, Urdu, Indian, Chinese, French, Italian And Even Bulgarian  WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED.


  • Foreign procurement of desired products on behalf of clients.   
  • Making a payment on behalf of our clients,
  • Receiving, Picking up and Confirmation of client shipments,
  • Visa Processing and Hotel Booking.
  • Airport picks up.


About Us

Golden Gate Cargo Services Ltd offers secure hassle-free, credible, convenient, and pocket-friendly cargo logistics solutions from anywhere in your world to your doorsteps.

We offer air freight solutions from China, Dubai, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, Europe and the United Kingdom.

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