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1st Avenue Sgt. Kahande Street

Opp Deliverance Church Eastleigh

+254 727 485 151

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It takes a team you can count on, a positive work environment and passion for succeeding at overcoming huge challenges.”
GOLDEN GATE CARGO LTD team members understand how things are conventionally done. Then they intuitively look for better ways of doing it. We are all catalysts in the constant evolution of our company and its processes. We love that every project is different. And we’d rather innovate and find a way than say “no”.

In our workplace, only you define your limits: there is no ceiling. Bold words, we know, but they’re true. You’ll have the chance to wear different hats and constantly escalate your skills and knowledge. Talk to some of GOLDEN GATE CAGO LTD senior leaders and ask them where they started. Their stories are testaments to true career potential and a company that cultivates talent and rewards key contributors.You can interact and learn about different aspects of our business and projects. You’ll have the chance to wear different hats and constantly escalate your skills and knowledge.  You’re just pushing your own envelope.

our four main core values are:


We act in a respectful manner with our customers and colleagues

We listen to others with an open mind, respecting different opinions

We respect the rules of the industry and the safety of all

We are professional and courteous in our communication and actions

We are committed to the company rules, policies and procedures content area


We are passionate in what we do, facing challenges with a positive attitude

We are open to change and strive to implement best practices

Recognizing we must always improve, we drive for excellence

We foster an environment where initiative and the courage to make a decision is rewarded

Our employees are proud of the organization, they take accountability for their contribution

Customers trust us to deliver on our commitments


We recognize our actions impact our colleagues.

We work together to find the best solutions.

We work on building relationships inside and outside the organization

We share expertise, knowledge, and information in order to develop and improve

Success belongs to the team, not one individual.

4.  Candor

We express ourselves in an open, clear and honest manner

We encourage straightforward and open communication

We promote challenging the status quo with the goal of continuous improvement

All challenges are dealt with in an upfront and open manner, with the goal of finding solutions

Be critical without criticizing.