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1st Avenue Sgt. Kahande Street

Opp Deliverance Church Eastleigh

+254 727 485 151

+254 724 393 999


GOLDEN GATE CARGO LTD excel because our own story started in 2006, The years have already tested us with innumerable scenarios that can impede  Air logistics excellence. While they remain barriers to most, we consistently roll right over them. We find a way. We adapt. We get there on-time or early. It’s the trucker spirit in our DNA. we are ALWAYS able to do the right thing for our customers.  GGC  has what it takes

Real logistics pros know that every load has a story. It is usually defined by countless challenges avoided or overcome along the way. Most of our customers never hear about the difficulties that can impact shipments at each of a thousand steps on the journey. They don’t need to: we’re an authentic solutions provider. They trust us to take care of it and GOLDEN GATE CARGO LTD delivers every time All the time.

Our end-to-end  AIR OCEAN and warehousing solutions were defined by the high-end service demanded by elite customer organizations. Infused with passion, commitment and capabilities beyond the reach of our competitors, GOLDEN GATE CARGO LTD  is trusted for all the right reasons all over the world.

GOLDEN GATE CARGO LTD Belives soultions are all about you, Our competition looks for customers with needs that fit their operations. We’re agile. We can tailor our approach, project protocols, communication methods and administrative processes to YOUR needs and preferred way of working. That’s true customer orientation. That’s real added value and convenience. And that’s what you want in an authentic logistics partner.

We look forward to doing more bussiness with you.